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Has a Hidden Script F*cked-Up Your Life?

Life doesn't need to suck. Monday-thru-Friday doesn't need to be forfeited only to pay bills for 50 years and then die. Escape culture's matrix of mediocrity. Ditch life's default template, own your time, and earn real financial freedom for a lifetime— no budgets, no frugality, and no patient investment schemes.

Unlock The Truth, Unleash Your Dreams

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Build a Business. Build a Life. Live the Dream.

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Ask yourself: Is "something" wrong?

Part 1: The Whispers (Pages 1-14)

You once dreamed about doing something great with your life. Rockstar, CEO, an actor, something of accomplishment. But now it’s all a dead dream sitting atop a stack of bills atop a mediocre life. Your daily mundanity whispers for a confession: You’re living, but you aren’t alive.

It was great. I nearly went berserk in anger when I re-read the first section about 'Is something wrong?' I will die before I live like that, think like that. Unscripted is exemplary in its content. Authentic and practical.
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Trapped in life's default template?

Part 2: The Brainwashing (Pages 15-74)

As a kid, you didn’t dream about soul-crushing jobs, thirty-year mortgages, and a sacrificial Monday through Friday. Your current situation wasn't your plan, but it is the SCRIPT’s plan. Your politicians, banks, corporations, social media companies, media outlets, and universities thank you. To beat the game, you have to see the game. Then you defeat it and laugh all the way to the bank.

A very unique book with harsh truths, it was like the red pill in The Matrix for me...
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Dump the Script: Here's what's possible...

Part 3: The Escape (Pages 75-92)

Take a ride free from SCRIPTED dogma and discover how life can be: Inspiring, self-endorsed work, explosive income, no mortgage, no debt, and the best of all: no growing old while you wait 50 years for Wall-Street miracles. Live the "f*ck you" life—do whatever whenever, and wherever.

It’s incredible how a book like this could be written. All the words and pages and chapters are filled with amazing advice.
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The blueprint for Unscripted success

Part 4: The Solution (Pages 93-368)

Seize the unfair advantage and leave competitors in the dust. The UNSCRIPTED Framework is like injecting yourself with entrepreneurial steroids, except it’s perfectly legal and ethical. Go beyond paying bills; build something transformative which pays both money and free time. Forever change your life and leave behind the scarcity suckfest peddled by money gurus.

One of the most enlightening books I've read in regards to mindset and business execution. I highly recommend anyone to buy it and read it, take notes and review them; take its ideas to heart and put them into practice, if you haven't already. It is a most worthy investment in both money and time.
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F*ck you! Never work again

Part 5: The Lifestyle (Pages 369-396)

Turn work into a choice, not a force-fed obligation rammed down your throat. Cancel the word "budget" from your life and never worry about money again. Live your dreams; write, volunteer, charity, passion projects. Whatever it is, explore the money-system concept and how you can get paid residually for the rest of your life—disconnected from time and toil.

This is such an awesome read, and so true. I was actually homeless when this book was published. After reading it and focusing on my goals, I live in an exclusive condo with views of the Hudson and Manhattan. I legitimately couldn't have done it without learning to see the world the way it is from books like MJ's.
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Working hard on a tricycle is futile. If the paradigm sucks, a paradigm shift is just another room in hell's hotel.

MJ DeMarco, Author and Entrepreneur


What They Are Saying...

...this book is solid GOLD in my opinion. I feel like he saved me about 80K in business school tuition fees...

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T. Casper

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I was hesitant to listen to Unscripted immediately after Fastlane. How much new content could it really contain? I was already blown away. But, I read, took notes, and refined. Thanks for taking the time to share, it was incredibly well written and definitely worth many, many times the price I paid for it.

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Mag999, Colorado

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I didn't think anything could be (like) The Millionaire Fastlane, but both are now REQUIRED reading for my 17 year old daughter! Life changing is the only description for both! Thank you, thank you MJ!!

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E. Patrice

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I‘ve read the book and it was mindblowing. The book isn’t a book just to read, it is a book to study. Thank you MJ for the wisdom. Thank you MJ for the reminders. Thank you for the reality check. Thank you for the time. Thank you MJ for your courage. Thank you MJ.

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Jess, Germany

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OMG what a freaking great book!! If I only knew these books existed, I would have not wasted my time with other books about how to make money! Geezzz hahah thanks MJ DeMarco you are THE Freaking Beast!

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Soto, Kentucky

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This book literally changed my whole perspective on how I view life and I can't unsee it ever. Thank you MJ DeMarco!

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Danny254, Kenya

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Was Unscripted Written Exclusively For You?

Are you a struggling entrepreneur who can barely pay the bills?

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Reinvent your business or bury it for Fastlane opportunities with asymmetric returns. Explode net worth, print cash, and own your time—no venture capitalists required.

Are you a dreampreneur who can't turn a corner, a break, or a profit?

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Bust through to the motherlode of growth and life-changing profits. Sniff out the gold in any industry while sidestepping the landmines. It's time to play a bigger game.

Do you want to escape the matrix of cultural brainwashing?

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Break free from the suffocating SCRIPT. Identify and abolish Scripted allies which leash you to a menial existence. Crush 99% thinking and think like the 1%. Then become it.

Tired of pushing resumes for underpaid and meaningless work?

stressed worker

Ditch the job, tell the boss to shove it, and discover the critical keystones which pave the road to a life-changing business. Liberate yourself from corporate enslavement.

About the Author, MJ DeMarco

MJ DeMarco

I have navigated nearly 30 years as an entrepreneur and profited millions. In a world where mediocrity and obedience are now pervasive virtues, I hope to be your guide for a better life, a whisper amongst the noise.

But here's the deal—I'm not a Wall Street messiah or a Silicon Valley god. You won't read about me on some tech blog or in some entrepreneur magazine pushing hype and agenda. In the chest-pounding world of entrepreneurship, I'm a nobody. And that's important—because you can be a "nobody" too—a nobody who lives like a king with complete financial freedom, a nobody who owns every minute of his a day, and a nobody who will die happy with no regrets.

Unscripted? It's the unsung anthem of a quiet subculture who recognizes the pervasive power of The Script (a Matrix of Mediocrity I wrote about long before Andrew Tate's infamy). My message? Curiously overlooked by the media's spotlight but adored by warriors in the business arena.

Though my words haven't graced the sacred scroll of the New York Times Best Seller list, they've sold more than most NY Times best-sellers, spreading like wildfire with no advertising, touching more souls than those who've been privileged by mainstream acclaim.

So here's my call to you: With Unscripted in your possession, you can retake control over your life, your finances, and your happiness. Unscripted isn't just 150,000 words on paper; it's a map leading to a lifetime of treasure—but only if you make the journey and dare to live Unscripted through the power of Fastlane entrepreneurship.

An extraordinary life awaits your audacity to pursue it. And I offer you the keys.

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MJ DeMarco, Entrepreneur and Author


If you unquestionably accept ordinary advice from ordinary people living ordinary lives, can you expect to be anything but ordinary?

MJ DeMarco, Author and Entrepreneur



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